3 Tips For Fire Extinguisher Installation In An Office

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3 Tips For Fire Extinguisher Installation In An Office

3 Tips For Fire Extinguisher Installation In An Office

15 December 2022
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If you run a small business, safety should always be one of your top priorities. Moreover, a big part of safety is ensuring that people have the tools they need in order to deal with an emergency right away. One of the most useful tools in this regard is a fire extinguisher, which allows employees who may be near a growing fire to put it out before it causes too much damage. But just having an extinguisher in your office is not good enough. Read on to discover a few helpful tips you should keep in mind during installation. 

Visibility Is Key

The less visible a fire extinguisher is, the less likely it is to be used, even in a true emergency. The best places to install an office fire extinguisher are those places that are easy to see—preferably in the average person's line of vision, not on the ground. You should also ensure that the label is facing outward, and avoid placing anything in front of the extinguisher, no matter how small. The exact placement of a fire extinguisher will ultimately depend on the layout of your office, but large hallways are among the most popular locations.

Consider Foot Traffic 

Perfectly placing a fire extinguisher in the middle of a wall with no obstructions will ultimately fail to do any good if that wall is far away from the office's usual foot traffic. Fire extinguishers should never get in the way of employees' jobs, but should also be placed as closely as possible to areas with high foot traffic. Many businesses choose to place extinguishers next to meeting rooms and exit doors because of the likelihood that they will be within reach of at least one employee during an emergency.

Post Clear, Visual Instructions

Every extinguisher comes with instructions on its label, but when a fire really does break out, very few people have the presence of mind to stop and read them. To counteract this, consider posting clear visual instructions next to the extinguisher. One helpful way to organize illustrations and information is with the acronym PASS. First, pull the pin so that the extinguisher can be used. Then aim the extinguisher directly at the fire. Next, squeeze the handle as hard as you can to release the extinguisher's foam. Finally, sweep the area with foam in a consistent motion until the fire has been completely put out.

Contact a local fire extinguisher supplier to learn more. 

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