A Guide to Buying Used Teardrop Beams for Your Warehouse

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A Guide to Buying Used Teardrop Beams for Your Warehouse

A Guide to Buying Used Teardrop Beams for Your Warehouse

13 December 2023
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If you own a warehouse, you know how important it is to have high-quality equipment, including racks, pallets, and uprights. However, some of the most important pieces of equipment for your warehouse are the beams that connect the racks and support the weight of your inventory. While new teardrop beams can be expensive, a cost-effective option is available in the used market. 

What are Teardrop Beams?

Teardrop beams are horizontal structural pieces connecting pallet racks' uprights in a warehouse. They are called "teardrop" beams due to their design, which features a teardrop-shaped connector piece that slides into the upright. Teardrop beams are incredibly versatile and popular because they are easy to install, adjust, and disassemble.

Why Buy Used Teardrop Beams?

One of the main advantages of using teardrop beams is their cost-effectiveness. Businesses can purchase used beams for a fraction of the cost of new ones, saving warehouse owners a significant amount of money. Additionally, used beams can be as durable and reliable as new ones if thoroughly inspected and maintained before installation. By purchasing used teardrop beams, warehouse owners can equip their facilities with high-quality equipment while keeping costs low.

Factors to Consider When Buying Used Teardrop Beams

When buying used teardrop beams, there are several factors that warehouse owners must consider. First and foremost, it is essential to check that the beams are the correct size and weight capacity for your specific warehouse needs. Additionally, warehouse owners should inspect the beams for any signs of damage or wear and tear, such as rust, dents, or excessive bending. It is also essential to ensure that each beam comes with its teardrop connectors and locking pins.

Where to Find Used Teardrop Beams

There are several options for finding used teardrop beams, including online marketplaces, equipment auctions, and used equipment dealers. Before purchasing used beams from any seller, thoroughly research and vet them to ensure they are reputable and provide quality products. Warehouse owners should also inspect the beams in person or request detailed photos and descriptions before purchasing.

Tips for Installing Used Teardrop Beams

Once used teardrop beams have been purchased and inspected, it is essential to install them correctly to ensure maximum safety and efficiency in the warehouse. First, warehouse owners should carefully read the manufacturer's installation guidelines for the beams. They should also ensure that each beam is correctly seated in the teardrop connector and locked into place with the locking pin. Finally, ensure all beams are level and evenly spaced to prevent unnecessary strain on the equipment or potential damage to the inventory.

To learn more about used teardrop beams, reach out to a local supplier.

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