Baghouse Filters: Do You Need A Dust Collector Inspection?

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Baghouse Filters: Do You Need A Dust Collector Inspection?

Baghouse Filters: Do You Need A Dust Collector Inspection?

3 December 2021
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If you use a baghouse filter to control the air pollution in your warehouse, be sure to inspect the system soon. Baghouse filters are some of the most efficient dust collection systems known today. However, filter systems can stop working when you need them the most. An inspection can keep your dust collector in good working order. Learn more about baghouse filters and why you need to inspect dust collecting systems below.

Can Your Baghouse Filtering System Fail?

Your baghouse filter keeps your warehouse clean by removing suspended debris from the air. The system relies on multiple thin bags made of fabric to collect and house almost 100 percent of the dust in your building. If the bags become overwhelmed with dust, tear from poor maintenance, or experience another issue, the entire filtering system can fail. 

A failing dust collection system can make your warehouse more vulnerable to a host of problems, including increased air pollution. Air pollution caused by machine dust, chemicals, and other substances can cause respiratory illnesses and poor health in your employees. Polluted air can also cause problems for your machines and products by making them unsafe to use.

If you inspect your baghouse filter, you can prevent several of the issues above.

How Do You Inspect Your Baghouse Filter?

A dust collector inspection isn't as difficult as you may think. An inspection allows you to detect problems with your duct collector, such as excessive surface dust on your filter bags. Surface dust can reduce air circulation through the system as it cleans your building.

In addition to locating surface dust, an inspection can also allow you to find and repair mechanical problems with your dust collector. Baghouse filters use different types of inlets and other components to move dust and air through the system. Clogs and mechanical failure can disrupt the system and damage it. An inspection finds issues located inside your dust collector before they create air pollution problems for you.

If your baghouse filter inspection reveals some problems with the system, you can do a few things to remedy them. You can clean the dust collection bags in your system, or you can replace them altogether. If surface dust is the only issue you have with your filtering system, clean them. 

If your baghouse filter is severely compromised by dust or mechanical problems, go ahead and change the bags. The bags may not be suitable enough to keep air pollution down in your warehouse.

Learn more about inspecting your dust collection system by contacting a professional today. Reach out to a local service, such as Faulkner Industrial, to learn more.

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