Maintaining the Burner of Your Industrial Boiler

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Maintaining the Burner of Your Industrial Boiler

Maintaining the Burner of Your Industrial Boiler

10 September 2021
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An industrial boiler may be an essential piece of equipment for your company. To keep it operational, a burner service provider may be needed to periodically work on this important component of the boiler.

Reduce Performance Impacts

A burner will have the role of converting fuel into heat for the system, and this makes the efficiency of this component a major factor in determining the overall performance of the boiler. If the burner is not serviced, it can accumulate residues from the fuel that can eventually lead to the burner clogging. While this will have the primary benefit of immediately boosting the overall performance of the boiler, it will have the secondary benefit of also lowering the fuel costs for the boiler.

Minimize Potential Safety Concerns

Unfortunately, there are malfunctions that the burner may experience that could pose a safety risk. A partially clogged burner may not combust the fuel as efficiently, which can lead to excessive amounts of fumes being produced. In some cases, these issues may also increase the chance of a fire starting, which could quickly destroy the boiler and spread to the surrounding building. Having a burner service contractor work on this component can be a necessary step for mitigating these potential safety risks as these professionals will be able to quickly assess the condition of the burner so that the necessary maintenance work can be started.

Comply With The System's Warranty Terms

Your business's boiler system may be one of the most expensive and important pieces of equipment in the facility. To minimize the risk of the company losing substantial amounts due to unexpected repairs for the boiler, it is common for firms to choose units that are protected with warranty coverage. As part of the terms of a warranty, it might be necessary to have the system serviced at regular intervals. Due to this potential requirement, you should always retain the service receipts for the boiler and the burner.

Failing to maintain the burner of your business's boiler system can lead to major disruptions as a result of the burner suffering significant malfunctions. Having a professional contractor service the burner at least once a year can help to keep the system working as efficiently as possible, minimize the risk of a fire starting and comply with the warranty terms for the system. Luckily, the costs of these services will be low, and they may not need much time to complete this work. These benefits can make hiring one of these professionals to service the burner the right call for any enterprise.

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