Drum-Handling Equipment Every Industrial Facility Must Have

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Drum-Handling Equipment Every Industrial Facility Must Have

Drum-Handling Equipment Every Industrial Facility Must Have

11 June 2018
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In an industrial setting, ordering certain supplies in bulk form just makes good business sense. If you order fluid supplies in bulk, there is a pretty good chance that you will have large industrial drums to contend with on a regular basis. These large barrels filled with material can be extremely difficult to maneuver without the proper equipment. Yet, a lot of business owners have no idea how many different pieces of drum-handling equipment there are available that can help. Check out this short list of industrial drum equipment you may need in your facility.

Drum Trucks

Hand trucks are a highly useful piece of material handling equipment, especially when you need to move large or bulky items through the building. However, hand trucks don't properly support the shape of a large drum because of the rounded bottom and awkward shape. You can actually get hand trucks that are specifically made to carry industrial drums, and these can be extremely helpful. These trucks have a widened platform on the bottom and a curved back for stable support of the rounded drum shape.

Drum Dollies

Drum dollies are perhaps the smallest type of drum-handling equipment, but they can also be the most useful and convenient. Drum dollies are basically a small, round base that perfectly supports the rounded bottom of the large drums. The dollies are outfitted with strong caster wheels, so once the barrel is on the dolly, it can be easily pushed from one location to the next. If you have material in drums that must be shared among several areas of workstations, these mobile dollies are especially useful to have around. Employees can simply roll the loaded dolly to the location where they need the material next instead of having to load and unload the drum from a moving device.

Drum Cradles

Storing all the drums you have on hand at any given time in an upright position can take up a lot of space. Plus, not all material drums can be safely stacked on top of each other. Drum cradles allow you to store the material-filled drums on their side for easier stackability. The cradle has multiple support cradles that are rounded to hold drums on their side and prevent them from rolling. If you have multiple drums that you need to tap into from the top regularly, drum cradles can make it much easier to get to different drums at once as well.

If you need additional drums to hold your materials, you can find them at any industrial supply store, such as Zorin Material Handling Co.

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