Tips For Safely Using A Rented Flange Spreader

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Tips For Safely Using A Rented Flange Spreader

Tips For Safely Using A Rented Flange Spreader

15 November 2016
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If you need to rent a flange spreader to complete a commercial plumbing project that you are working on, then you will be pleased to know that using it is a fairly straightforward procedure. However, like any other tool, it is important that you use the rented flange spreader in a safe manner. To this end, follow these time-tested tips for safely using a rented flange spreader:

Tip: Always Use Spacer Blocks with Flange Spreaders

When you use the flange spreader to separate two plumbing pipes that are under pressure, it is vital that you use spacer blocks. The spacer blocks need to be placed between the two sections of pipe that you have spread. Without the safety blocks, the pipes could slip and cause serious injury to yourself and the plumbing. 

Tip: Ensure that All Flange Bolts are Removed Before Applying the Flange Spreader

Before you apply the flange spreader, ensure that you have removed all of the flange bolts from each side of the plumbing connection. Once you have removed all of the bolts, then you need to double check to make sure that they have all been removed. A single missed bolt can become a flying projectile when the flange spreader separates the sections of pipe. A flying bolt can injure or kill someone.

Tip: Verify the Torque Rating on Your Flange Spreader

Since torque spreaders come in a variety of different sizes and torque abilities, it is important that you verify that the machine you rent has the rating to do the work you need it to perform. Using a flange spreader that is rated too low for the pipe pressure you need it to move can lead to injury. To this end, it is always better to use a larger machine than you might believe is necessary. 

Tip: Dress Properly for the Task at Hand

When you are working with a rented flange spreader, it is necessary to dress in clothing that is appropriate for the job you are completing. You should wear a pair of steel-toe work boots to protect your feet, a thick pair of denim jeans, a long sleeve shirt to protect your skin from cuts on sharp pipes, and eye protection from pieces of metal or gasket that can come loose and fly around. In addition, since power flange spreaders are loud when they run, you should wear appropriate hearing protection.

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