Four Reasons To Choose Rubber Grommets For Your Personal Wiring Projects

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Four Reasons To Choose Rubber Grommets For Your Personal Wiring Projects

Four Reasons To Choose Rubber Grommets For Your Personal Wiring Projects

17 June 2016
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Wiring projects require special protection to ensure that they do not get damaged or cause a safety issue. In many wiring situations, there are a number of perforations that wires need to pass through, and these can be very complex, depending upon the type of wiring project. If the perforations are not insulated, problems can arise. Rubber grommets are one type of insulator for wires, and the following information will help you understand the benefits of using them.

Liquid Resistant

Rubber grommets are water resistant. This grommet material type may also offer a resistant barrier to other types of liquids too, which will protect wiring and the underlying perforation from becoming compromised. Other liquids that rubber grommets may be resistant to are everyday chemical compounds such as cleaning products and organic acids that may be used in industrial environments. If there is any chance that the wires for your project could ever be exposed to moisture, you should strongly consider using rubber grommets, especially if exposure to moisture could result in a repair or replacement project. 


You have likely seen a messy wiring project. Even if it is wired correctly, the appearance can make it distracting. Rubber grommets will give your wiring project a more appropriate aesthetic appeal because the placement of the grommets will give the project a more uniform and professional appearance. This is something that can be important if you are doing the wiring project for someone else or to show off your skills. 

Customized Sizing

Rubber grommets come in various sizes. Manufacturers make certain sizes automatically, and these can be considered as standard sizes; however, if you have a custom project, you may also be able to get grommets custom-made to ensure your wiring project's success. You could benefit from having a mold and samples created for custom-made projects to ensure that the grommets will fit.

Protective Barrier

When wires are passed through perforations without any protective barrier, there is a possibility that sharp edges around the perforations can damage the wiring. Placing rubber grommets in perforations prior to passing wiring through can prevent this mishap because the grommets will form a barrier between the perforated hole and the wiring. 

A grommets supplier is a good resource to use for your projects. They can help you better understand how to select the correct-sized grommets and assist you with choosing alternative materials. For example, bushings are also a good choice for wiring insulation.

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