A Thorough Guide To Screw Conveyor Systems

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A Thorough Guide To Screw Conveyor Systems

A Thorough Guide To Screw Conveyor Systems

4 May 2016
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In order to make the most of your industrial work, you will need to get your hands on the best equipment for your business. In your field, one of the best pieces of equipment that you can invest in is a screw conveyor. These pneumatic conveyor systems are set up in a way that will allow you to increase the amount of work that you are able to conduct and will allow you to upgrade your overall efficiency. To learn more, read on and get an understanding of what screw conveyors are and how they can be beneficial to you. 

What is a screw conveyor?

Screw conveyors are pneumatically powered systems that let you move materials from point A to point B. These materials are typically liquids or lightweight granule items. With the use of a screw conveyor, these materials travel along a helix path in order to transport the items as fluidly and efficiently as possible. You can have one of these systems set up with the help of professionals who specialize in industrial and manufacturing equipment installation. 

What are the advantages of using a screw conveyor system?

When you decide to have one of these systems installed, you are giving yourself access to a number of advantages:

  1. Your equipment will run fluidly, because you will not have to worry about sticky liquids or other materials creating damage to the screw shaft
  2. These conveyor shafts are incredibly efficient, as they operate with a 100 percent filling rate when used properly
  3. You will save space in your warehouse, because these screw conveyors are incredibly compact once installed
  4. The materials that you transport can have great versatility in terms of temperature, as they can be heated or cooled while being funneled throughout the screw conveyor helix system
  5. Leaks are a virtual non-issue, as the connections are vapor tight and secure

How much do screw conveyors cost?

When shopping for a screw conveyor system, you will pay much different prices depending on the size and scale of the equipment that you need. Your project will typically be quoted on a component by component basis. For instance, you might pay about $155 per foot on the slider belt, $198 per foot on the trash component and more than $5,000 per foot on the belt curve AC. Touch base with an industrial equipment provider to get a precise estimate on the system that you need. 

Keep these tips in mind as you shop for the conveyor system for your business. 

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