A Few Tips For Buying A Pressure Washer

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A Few Tips For Buying A Pressure Washer

A Few Tips For Buying A Pressure Washer

21 April 2016
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If you have been wondering whether to buy a pressure washer or not, you are probably considering all the ways it will come in handy outside the house. You are thinking about how it will help wash the siding every spring to remove the dust, dirt, and any mold that has grown over the last year. You are probably excited about cleaning the garage floor and driveway, too. However, before you go out and buy the first pressure washer system you are shown, consider the following tips so you get the best machine to take care of your needs.

Electric or Gas

One of the first things you should decide is whether you want an electric or gas-powered unit. A gas-powered machine will allow you to move about more easily, as it won't need an electrical cord or outlet. On the other hand, an electric washer will not emit any noxious fumes as it runs. If you will be using the machine in a basement or other enclosed area, you should go with an electric one to avoid getting ill from the fumes.


Make a list of the different things you will be washing with the power washer. Include things like the siding of the house, the driveway, the underside of your lawn mower, and the outdoor furniture. Once you know what you will be cleaning, make sure to buy all the accessories to do what you need. Check with the machine's manual to find out which style and size nozzles will give you the best pressure without causing damage. Buy the correct length of hose for the work you will be doing if you will be on a ladder. Also, don't forget to look over the different wands or guns available.

Water Supply

When looking at the stats for a power washer, be sure to find out what incoming water pressure is required for the machine. You may be able to adjust the pressure coming into your house to work the machine, but you need to know to do this in the first place. You can then adjust it back to the pressure you prefer in your home once you are done with the washer for the day.

A power washer can be a great time saver when it comes to doing some cleaning chores outside the house. The important things to remember are to always follow the manufacturer's directions and when in doubt, go with a lower pressure. All these tips together will ensure you do not damage anything you are washing, and your machine will do what you need it to do. Contact a company like Boyce Industries if you have further questions about pressure washers.

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